About Us

Financial freedom is one of the keys to being happy in this life. How can you achieve this? Read this blog often and you will find useful information. We know that the journey to financial independence is long and that is why we have decided to walk it with you. I would not personally say am there yet but day by day I am getting better at managing my finances and with the help of this blog you will too.

I may not have any academic background but like you, I would like to become rich. I am a journalist by profession and have majored in financial writing. It is my great research skills and a desire to be wealthy that makes me the perfect person to give you financial advice.

In this blog you will find articles that touch on a wide range of subjects concerning finances; from what insurance to take, to how much premiums to pay to what and how to invest. If you have decided to take on the journey to freedom, we will be right beside you guiding you and walking you through the entire process.

Among the posts you can find on these blog include guides on how to remain debt free, make correct financial decisions and create wealth with time. Having trouble saving up, setting financial goals and achieving them? I have also struggled with these and much more. I will teach you how to handle such challenges from my experience and that of others I have read or heard.

The writing you find here is written in a friendly yet informative tone. I like to talk to my readers as though they were my friends because after a few interactions they will become my friends anyway. So, welcome to this blog and may you enjoy the journey to financial independence that will be starting and ending together.